Get A Big Image with Da-Lite’s UTB Contour Projector Screen


Want a super large image for your lounge or games room but don’t have the cash for a big LCD TV?

Da-Lite might just have the answer for you, in the form of the UTB Contour projector screen. Da-Lite’s original Contour screen has been around for a while, what this new updated version brings to the table is many of the things we like about flat panels, just bigger and without the associated cost.


Here’s how Da-Lite pitches the UTB Contour fixed frame projector screen:

“Flat panels can become cost prohibitive as they increase in size. The new UTB Contour from Da-Lite combines the aesthetics of a flat panel with the size of a projection screen resulting in a larger, more impressive image for applications such as home theater,” said Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager.

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