HD Progressive Individual Surface Forte


Da-Lite’s HD Progressive projector screen surfaces are all about bringing to life every bit of detail of today’s HD projectors all the way up to 4K. While there are four different surfaces under the one name they are each quite unique in their color, performance and the installs/situations they are suitable for.

The HD progressive range is all about offering a surface to overcome whatever obstacles you have, much like most of Da-Lite’s products they’ve got a screen a surface that will fit your setup down to a tee. Here’s the details of each surface and more importantly where each excels:


Name Gain Half Angle Surface Color Advantage

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HD Progressive 0.6




Deep contrast, overcomes bright environments

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HD Progressive 0.9



Light Gray

Best balance of color and contrast

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HD Progressive 1.1




Color reproduction and fidelity

Image converted using ifftoany HD Progressive 1.3 1.3 75 Pure White

True color reproduction, performs well in bright rooms


As you can see some of the surfaces have more than one forte, for example with HD Progressive 0.6 ambient light might not be an issue for you, but you might have a powerful projector that is a bit bright for the space and lacks depth of contrast you are after. So putting the HD Progressive 0.6 in a dark room with your big bright projector is going to give you some great inky blacks and real depth.

On the flip side, if the idea of watching sport or videos in the dark give you the heebee geebees then the HD Progressive 1.3 has you covered. A bright Pure White screen with excellent gain means you can watch your favorite sports program and still see everything properly despite being in a bright room. And the best part about the HD Progressive 1.3 is you get a quality bright image, in that all the colors are preserved so you get a bright image that looks right, not an overly red or green one. Perfect for daytime viewing.

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