UTB Contour Projector Screen Aesthetics


Da-Lite’s UTB Contour screen offers screen sizes much larger than today’s big screen TV’s without their prohibitive cost; they come with three different colored frames ensuring they fit into just about any decor. The best part is you don’t have to miss out on the amazing picture quality of UHD 4K as Da-Lite’s cutting edge HD Progressive screen surface technology is available on the UTB Contour making the perfect projector screen for today’s Ultra HD movies.

The three colors that the fixed frame comes in are:

  • High Gloss Black
  • Acid Etched Silver, and
  • Acid Etched Black


The UTB Contour surfaces are perfectly matched to today’s HD & UHD content with all coming with a solid black backing as standard to retain all the brightness your projector offers, here’s what you can choose from:

  • HD Progressive 0.6
  • HD Progressive 0.9
  • HD Progressive 1.1
  • HD Progressive 1.3
  • High Contrast Cinema Vision, and
  • Da-Mat


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