Which Screens Can You Get the HD Progressive Surface In?

This fantastic HD screen surface of Da-Lite’s is all well and good, but is it available in the particular screen you’ve decided will best suite your setup? Well to answer that we’ll have to look at exactly which models Da-Lite offer this HD Progressive surface on.


All four flavors of HD Progressive are available on most of the fixed frame projector screens, such as:

Cinema Contour Imager Series 200 Lace and Grommet Frame
UTB Contour Multi Mask Imager Curved Series 200 Lace and Grommet Frame
Da-Snap  Curved Multi Format Imager Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame
Curved Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame


As for the electric projection screens the HD Progressive 0.6 is only available in two models:

  • Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol
  • Tensioned Contour Electrol


Where-as the HD Progressive 0.9, 1.1 & 1.3 come in lots more of Da-Lites screen:

  • Tensioned Advantage Electrol, Advantage Deluxe, Large Advantage, Large Advantage Deluxe
  • Tensioned Conference Electrol
  • Tensioned Contour Electrol
  • Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol

And what about Da-Lites new ViewShare tech, just because you have a projector screen doesn’t mean you can’t do video conferencing, the HD surface is only available in the Tensioned Advantage Electrol ViewShare, the good part is you can also get it in the ViewShare Tensioned Advantage Electrol Retrofit.


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