Go BIG or Go Home

Da-Lite, never one to shy away from a challenge have built a mega custom screen, so large it had to be constructed in an airplane hangar, requiring 13 people and a few scissor lifts.

How would you like a 1704” screen at home?

We it wouldn’t fit. This screen their custom Design Center made was 140 ft. wide and 25 ft. tall, we’re talking some serious screen real-estate.

Suspended from the ceiling this great time laps video with pans shows just how they went about assembling it on site.

Check it out, it’s amazing:

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Da-Lite’s New IDEA Screen Video


Da-Lite have done up a great little video, although more like a slideshow, to show you what their new IDEA screens are all about.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • IDEA & IDEA Panoramic screens
  • Improved surface uniformity and rigidity
  • Perfectly suited to interactive tech
  • They’ve upgraded the frame, from thick metal with chunky plastic corners to a svelte thin all metal frame
  • Their magnetic
  • Sizes up to 60” high
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Erasable
  • Hot spot free

Check it out:

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Da-Lite’s Forte of Surface Technology Explored


Da-Lite is all about surfaces, specifically projector screen surfaces and the science beneath them. This quick little video from Da-Lite give you a quick little history lesson about the company and then goes on to detail what their chemists and technicians specialize in to bring the perfect screen surface, things like:

  • Surface uniformity
  • Every pixel is preserved
  • Solid contrast, so dark colors are full and lush
  • Gain – even and bright

And they demo some uses their screens excel at, such as:

  • Aircraft simulators
  • Education, kindergarten all the way on up to university
  • Houses of worship
  • Live concerts
  • Screens of any size – even if it take an airplane hangar to accommodate it

Check out their video:

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HD Progressive from Da-Lite Video

Da-Lite has produced a great video that shows what its HD Progressive surfaces are all about. Here are some of the high lights:

  • A screen surface that doesn’t get in the way of your image.
  • As projection advances the surface becomes more important.
  • By studying the physics of light and experimenting with the science of surface they’ve discovered a better way.
  • Behind each Da-Lite surface is a proprietary, environmentally friendly chemical formula.
  • Only Da-Lite researches the science of surface with an in-house team of chemists.

And some more points:

  • Color fidelity, all of Da-Lite’s surfaces are tested and color measured to ensure each surface will preserve the true color of the projector.
  • Light Uniformity is very strong
  • Surface Granularity – the clarity of an image is in the microscopic details.
  • Da-Lite’s technology ensures a premium surface; free of microscopic dips or grooves every pixel is preserved.


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A Simple Screen Sizing Video from Da-Lite

Da-Lite have come up with a comedic look how flat screen TV’s have interrupted Da-Lite’s domination of corporate presentations and focuses how you can put BIG back into corporate presentations with a good projector screen that if far bigger than any flat screen TV.


They do this with funny characters like:

  • Squinty face
  • squinty
  • Tilty head
  • tilty
  • Mushy mug
  • mushy
  • Stretchy neck
  • stretchy
  • Cyclops eye
  • cyclops

And they actually include some helpful detail about just how big a projector screen you can get and have a comfortable viewing experience base on how deep your room is. For instance:

  1. For a 17’ room, get a 100” screen
  2. 20’ needs 120”
  3. And 25’ works with 150”


Check it out here:


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Da-Lite Cinema Contour Video

The Cinema Contour projector screen is perfect for mounting onto a wall, or if you are wanting to do rear projection, into a wall opening.

What sets the Cinema Contour apart from Da-Lite’s other fixed frame screens is it’s unique 45 degree angle cut frame, that gives the screen a nice depth. And it is fully customization to suite you decor: it comes standard with Pro-Trim finish, which is a fabric frame covering that does a fantastic job of absorbing stray light. If you are after something with a bit more character you can also get it in one of seven optional veneers.

Putting everything together is simple and straightforward:

  1. unwrap the frame pieces
  2. lay on a soft dry surface to assemble and avoid scratches and scuffs
  3. slid the pieces together at the corners, as per the top and bottom labels
  4. if the frame assembly holes don’t initially seem to properly align, don’t worry as everything will come together once all fasteners have been attached, which draws the corner pieces together for a tight fit
  5. screw the frame together with the supplied screws, but don’t tighten until all have been started
  6. fasten the snap studs in their pre-drilled holes
  7. mount the wall bracket at the height you want, making sure it’s level
    Note: the frame will extend 1/8″ above the bracket and you will need a total 5/8″ clearance above the bracket for mounting the screen
  8. fix the bottom bracket on the wall, 1/4″ less than the height of the screen, below the top bracket
  9. unroll the screen onto something clean and flat
  10. place the frame over the screen
  11. lift the frame slightly, then lift the screen surface and snap it into place on the studs
  12. hang the completed frame on the top wall bracket
  13. once secured, push down on the bottom piece of the frame to hook it onto the lower wall bracket

And to clearly explain everything with some helpful video, here’s a really helpful video from Da-Lite on the Cinema Contour projection screen:


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Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Projector Screen

In this quick review of the Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan projector screen Big Screen Center takes you though the highlights of the tensioned Cosmo screen and everything it has to offer.

Versatility and flexibility is certainly a strong point of the Cosmo with Big Screen Center saying it’s been installed in auditoriums, churches and conference rooms. The main reason is it’s an installer favorite due to its flexibility in it’s applications, range of sizes, and its price point.

The tensioned part of the screen is all about having a smooth flat surface to project your favorite game, movie or TV show onto, and Da-Lite’s tension cables and tabs ensures you don’t end up with any wrinkles or warping that free weighted screens can sometimes develop over time.

You can get the Cosmo in 36 standard sizes, ranging from 50″ wide to 16′, other options include the case color. The standard issue is black, but you can also get it in white or one of Da-Lite’s optional 7 wood veneer finishes. Other options include how it’s mounted and those are; on the wall, hung from the ceiling or even recessed in the ceiling complete with an optional ceiling trim kit. Control options include the standard wall switch or the optional infra red or radio frequency remotes.

Make sure you checkout our review of the Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan screen for all the details.

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Da-Lite Perm Wall Projector Screen Video

The Perm Wall projector screen from Da-Lite is all about have a taught tight surface to perfectly display the projected image. For those lucky enough to have a space or room in which they can have a screen permanently on display the Perm Wall is a great choice with sturdy construction and easy mounting options to ensure a hassle free install and years of warp-free images.

The Perm Wall screen consist of a 1 inch powder coated frame and the projection surface which is mounted onto the front of the frame using clip on buttons, the screen is designed to be mounted onto a wall or a wall recess.

It’s available in standard sizes up to 16′ wide and can be customized. You can get it in front or rear projection surfaces and they are seamless up to 16′ high, while audio perforated and high powered surfaces come in sizes up to 8′ high.

Putting the Perm Wall together and getting it mounted it easy, the steps are:

  1. fit the frame pieces together by inserting the plastic corner sections into the tubes
  2. secure the corners with number 12 sheet metal screws
  3. hold the screen on the wall with the bottom of the frame at the necessary height
  4. make sure the bottom is level
  5. drill through the tubing every 18-24″
  6. drill frame to the wall using the appropriate screws for your wall
  7. ensure the sides are 90 degrees to the bottom then screw to the wall
  8. measure the distance from the top to bottom of the frame at the center and the sides ensuring it’s the same
  9. then drill the top of the frame to the wall
  10. unroll the screen onto a dry clean surface
  11. snap the surface onto the frame
  12. job done

It certainly has to be one of the easier Da-Lite frames to install.

Checkout this great video from Da-Lite that walks you through the above steps to put the frame together and mount it.


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Da-Lite Fast Fold Projector Screen Assembly Video

The Fast Fold projection screen from Da-Lite is all about portability with rugged construction that can stand up to repetitive use. To make sure you are getting the most out of you Fast Fold screen, Da-Lite have put together this quick video showing the easiest way to get it unpack and ready to go.

Click here for our comprehensive review of the Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen.

Here are some of the highlights of the Fast Fold screen:

  • Setup and tear-down of the screen is really easy with the Easy Release Latches
  • Made from sturdy aluminum tubing
  • Black anodized frame finish is also available
  • Comes with front and rear projection surfaces
  • Seamless surface is all sizes

The main components of the screen are:

  • Folding frame
  • Folding legs
  • Projection surface of your choice, complete with a protective pouch, so it remains safe in transit
  • Speedy Cranks, for easy assembly
  • Durable wheeled poly-case, with built in handle and Speedy Crank storage compartment

And most importantly here is the setup steps:

  1. remove frame from case and wrapping
  2. unfold the frame, so it’s lying flat, the snap latches will lock automatically
  3. while holding the bottom of the frame in place, lift the top of the frame to unfold the sides
  4. lock down all four corner braces
  5. match the top of the screen surface with the top of the frame
  6. snap all four corners of the surface to the frame
  7. staring at the bottom section, snap the center button and then snap the rest of the buttons, snap the top and sides in the same manner
  8. attach the legs to each side of the frame, using at least two Speedy Cranks per leg
  9. do not tighten the Speedy Cranks till all are started
  10. lift the screen and legs then open each leg extension and tighten the locking nut
  11. and there you go, all done, a completely assembled Da-Lite Fast Fold projector screen


Click here for our comprehensive review of the Da-Lite Fast Fold Screen.

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Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol Projector Screen Video

Great video review of the Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol Projector Screen:

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