UTB Contour Projector Screen Aesthetics


Da-Lite’s UTB Contour screen offers screen sizes much larger than today’s big screen TV’s without their prohibitive cost; they come with three different colored frames ensuring they fit into just about any decor. The best part is you don’t have to miss out on the amazing picture quality of UHD 4K as Da-Lite’s cutting edge HD Progressive screen surface technology is available on the UTB Contour making the perfect projector screen for today’s Ultra HD movies.

The three colors that the fixed frame comes in are:

  • High Gloss Black
  • Acid Etched Silver, and
  • Acid Etched Black


The UTB Contour surfaces are perfectly matched to today’s HD & UHD content with all coming with a solid black backing as standard to retain all the brightness your projector offers, here’s what you can choose from:

  • HD Progressive 0.6
  • HD Progressive 0.9
  • HD Progressive 1.1
  • HD Progressive 1.3
  • High Contrast Cinema Vision, and
  • Da-Mat


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UTB Contour Projector Screen Sizes


Offering the design features of today’s big screen TV’s but with a much greater image size, Da-Lites’ updated Contour screen, the UTB Contour projector screen is available in just about every size you could possibly want. And the best part is it’s available in both HDTV aspect ratio (16:9) and Cinemascope (2.35:1). So not only can you get a great looking image that is more than double the size of the largest flat panel displays, you can opt for the Cinemascope screen and get a real widescreen experience, by matching your screen to the ratio of many of today’s movies.


The HDTV ratio screen is available from 77” – 220” and the Cinemascope format starts at 96” all the way up to 208”. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the sizes you can get in both formats:

HDTV ratio;

HDTV Format (16:9 or 1.78:1)
Image Dimensions (“)
Diagonal Size (“) Image Area (“2) Height Width
77 2513 37.5 67
82 2916 40.5 72
92 3600 45 80
100 4263 49 87
106 4784 52 92
110 5184 54 96
119 6032 58 104
133 7540 65 116
159 10842 78 139
193 15876 94.5 168
220 20736 108 192

Cinemascope Ratio;

Cinemascope Format (21:9 or 2.35:1)
Image Dimensions (“)
Diagonal Size (“) Image Area (“2) Height Width
96 3300 37.5 88
103 3848 40.5 95
115 4770 45 106
125 5635 49 115
133 6344 52 122
138 6804 54 126
148 7917 58 136.5
166 9945 65 153
199 14313 78 183.5
208 15648 81.5 192
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Which Screens Can You Get the HD Progressive Surface In?

This fantastic HD screen surface of Da-Lite’s is all well and good, but is it available in the particular screen you’ve decided will best suite your setup? Well to answer that we’ll have to look at exactly which models Da-Lite offer this HD Progressive surface on.


All four flavors of HD Progressive are available on most of the fixed frame projector screens, such as:

Cinema Contour Imager Series 200 Lace and Grommet Frame
UTB Contour Multi Mask Imager Curved Series 200 Lace and Grommet Frame
Da-Snap  Curved Multi Format Imager Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame
Curved Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frame


As for the electric projection screens the HD Progressive 0.6 is only available in two models:

  • Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol
  • Tensioned Contour Electrol


Where-as the HD Progressive 0.9, 1.1 & 1.3 come in lots more of Da-Lites screen:

  • Tensioned Advantage Electrol, Advantage Deluxe, Large Advantage, Large Advantage Deluxe
  • Tensioned Conference Electrol
  • Tensioned Contour Electrol
  • Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol

And what about Da-Lites new ViewShare tech, just because you have a projector screen doesn’t mean you can’t do video conferencing, the HD surface is only available in the Tensioned Advantage Electrol ViewShare, the good part is you can also get it in the ViewShare Tensioned Advantage Electrol Retrofit.


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Da-Lite’s Forte of Surface Technology Explored


Da-Lite is all about surfaces, specifically projector screen surfaces and the science beneath them. This quick little video from Da-Lite give you a quick little history lesson about the company and then goes on to detail what their chemists and technicians specialize in to bring the perfect screen surface, things like:

  • Surface uniformity
  • Every pixel is preserved
  • Solid contrast, so dark colors are full and lush
  • Gain – even and bright

And they demo some uses their screens excel at, such as:

  • Aircraft simulators
  • Education, kindergarten all the way on up to university
  • Houses of worship
  • Live concerts
  • Screens of any size – even if it take an airplane hangar to accommodate it

Check out their video:

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Get A Big Image with Da-Lite’s UTB Contour Projector Screen


Want a super large image for your lounge or games room but don’t have the cash for a big LCD TV?

Da-Lite might just have the answer for you, in the form of the UTB Contour projector screen. Da-Lite’s original Contour screen has been around for a while, what this new updated version brings to the table is many of the things we like about flat panels, just bigger and without the associated cost.


Here’s how Da-Lite pitches the UTB Contour fixed frame projector screen:

“Flat panels can become cost prohibitive as they increase in size. The new UTB Contour from Da-Lite combines the aesthetics of a flat panel with the size of a projection screen resulting in a larger, more impressive image for applications such as home theater,” said Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager.

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A Simple Screen Sizing Video from Da-Lite

Da-Lite have come up with a comedic look how flat screen TV’s have interrupted Da-Lite’s domination of corporate presentations and focuses how you can put BIG back into corporate presentations with a good projector screen that if far bigger than any flat screen TV.


They do this with funny characters like:

  • Squinty face
  • squinty
  • Tilty head
  • tilty
  • Mushy mug
  • mushy
  • Stretchy neck
  • stretchy
  • Cyclops eye
  • cyclops

And they actually include some helpful detail about just how big a projector screen you can get and have a comfortable viewing experience base on how deep your room is. For instance:

  1. For a 17’ room, get a 100” screen
  2. 20’ needs 120”
  3. And 25’ works with 150”


Check it out here:


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Da-Lite’s HD Progressive Projector Screen Surface

Da-Lite have gone back to the “chemical drawing board” to come up with a screen surface formulation to perfectly match today’s Full HD & UHD projectors with their goal being to perfectly preserve and reflect the image coming out of the projector.


Of course as with anything to do with electronics these day, garbage in – garbage out, but if you have a Blu-Ray and a quality projector that’s pumping out 1080P or even better 2K or 4K then you need a projector screen of equal quality to be able to resolve all the detail your projector is serving up.

Some of the earlier screen surfaces sacrificed resolution or clarity to gain on brightness or contrast, which were fine years ago when the best we had was 480I or 480P, who cared if you lost a little bit of detail as long as the imaged “popped” off the screen with outstanding vibrancy.

But that’s a compromise that’s just not worth it when you’ve invested big dollars in a capable projector, plus today’s projectors have so much brightness and contrast that they don’t need a helping hand from the screen.

In some cases the setup actually requires a helping hand from the screen to tone-down the brightness in the room so you can have a decent picture with a bit of ambient light, which is why Da-Lite have some up with the HD Progressive 0.6 surface as well as the usual 1.1 & 1.3 gain screens.

The 1.3 surface can help tame the ambient light and give your image a bit of life which the ambient light has robed from the image. Here’s a good graphical representation from Da-Lite:


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Da-Lite ViewShare Technology

The ViewShare HD video conferencing solution from Da-Lite is available on two of their projector screens currently, to make sure your up to date with the primary offerings of these screens read-up on our reviews here:

Tensioned Advantage Electrol

Advantage Electrol


Without further ado, their press release for a full explanation of that ViewShare offers:

WARSAW, IN – February 4, 2014 – While there are many excellent solutions for high-end video conferencing, there are not any easy and inexpensive solutions that allow users to interact using peer-to-peer software, such as Lync or Skype, on a large team-to-team scale. Da-Lite will unveil for the first time in Europe during ISE a new technology that fills this gap. ViewShare® Technology creates a new category for the video conferencing market.



ViewShare Technology brings teams together with the free peer to peer software they are already using. ViewShare integrates a HD video camera directly into the weight bar of the Tensioned Advantage® Electrol® projection screen, bringing the capability to turn every conference room into a room for face-to-face brainstorming and document-sharing in real time. ViewShare also includes a tabletop speaker and microphone. Once the product is installed, users can quickly and easily share their screen and make a call by plugging in a USB cord to their computer.



“Face-to-face meetings are ideal, and tend to be more productive than conference calls. But most organizations have a limited number of meeting spaces with video conferencing capabilities,” said Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager. “With a growing number of employees working remotely or from satellite offices, Da-Lite ViewSare Technology fills a gap in the market between a high-end video conferencing system and a personal computer or smart device. The simple installation and plug and play USB connectivity make it the logical choice for all the other meeting spaces in an organization.”

Other benefits of ViewShare include the ability to conceal the camera in the ceiling when it isn’t in use, and a retrofit model that allows older Advantage Projection Screens to be updated with a new format, HD surface and functionality.  The Da-Lite camera screen will feature all the benefits and projection screen surface options of a Tensioned Advantage Electrol including a plenum rating. Every Da-Lite surface is a proprietary formula, and is designed to help customers achieve the best picture possible for their image. 


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Da-Lite ViewShare Bringing Projector Screens Into the Face-to-Face Era

JViewShare2ust because you have a projector and a nice big fancy projector screen doesn’t mean you have to forgo a face-to-face chat or conference on Skype or Lync.

Da-Lite have come up with the perfect solution to allow you to interact with life size people right on your projector screen, without having the fork out for super expensive high-end video conferencing equipment, they call it simply: ViewShare.

What Da-Lite have done it stuck a HD video camera into the bar at the bottom of the screen that provides all the weight to keep the screen surface taught and flat so you get a nice acurate image.

Lets hear from Da-Lite’s Senior Marketing Manager, Melissa Rone on what this new ViewShare technology is able to facilitate:

“Face-to-face meetings are ideal, and tend to be more productive than conference calls. But most organizations have a limited number of meeting spaces with video conferencing capabilities,”

Da-Lite so far offers the ViewShare technology on two screens:

  • Tensioned Advantage Electrol
  • Advantage Electrol

And they also have a retrofit kits for both of these screens, if you already have one and are keen to get the ViewShare cam.

One of the great features is that the cam is completely concealed as it rolls away into the case just like the screen, completely out of view, and sticky fingers that can easily muck up the lens.

Obviously there is a lot more to both versions of the Advantage projector screen, read up on all the details here:

Tensioned Advantage Electrol

Advantage Electrol




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Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Projector Screen

In this quick review of the Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan projector screen Big Screen Center takes you though the highlights of the tensioned Cosmo screen and everything it has to offer.

Versatility and flexibility is certainly a strong point of the Cosmo with Big Screen Center saying it’s been installed in auditoriums, churches and conference rooms. The main reason is it’s an installer favorite due to its flexibility in it’s applications, range of sizes, and its price point.

The tensioned part of the screen is all about having a smooth flat surface to project your favorite game, movie or TV show onto, and Da-Lite’s tension cables and tabs ensures you don’t end up with any wrinkles or warping that free weighted screens can sometimes develop over time.

You can get the Cosmo in 36 standard sizes, ranging from 50″ wide to 16′, other options include the case color. The standard issue is black, but you can also get it in white or one of Da-Lite’s optional 7 wood veneer finishes. Other options include how it’s mounted and those are; on the wall, hung from the ceiling or even recessed in the ceiling complete with an optional ceiling trim kit. Control options include the standard wall switch or the optional infra red or radio frequency remotes.

Make sure you checkout our review of the Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan screen for all the details.

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